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J. Paul Daniel
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Paul Daniel is a college student residing in Kalamazoo Michigan. He specializes in writing, particularly reviews, science fiction, fantasy, and comedy. His goals in life are to discover the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, to have a bestselling book published, and to make "Watership Down" required reading in all public schools.
Just a quick profile for Soundwave, my favorite decepticon, as he would be presented in my "ideal" transformers universe. Mostly inspired by his G1 and War for Cybertron appearances.

Name: Soundwave
Faction: Decepticon
Function: Head of intelligence
Moto: Soundwave: Superior. Other life forms: Inferior.

Soundwave completes the trinity of specialists that make up the upper decepticon ranks. If Megatron's specialty is firepower and Starscream's is speed, Soundwaves would have to be gadgets. No other decepticon has such an extensive array of special powers, weapons, tools, and skills. Something like the Swiss army knife of decepticons, Soundwave is the one subordinate who Megatron has ever referred to as "indispensable." Add to that an almost eerie personal loyalty to Megatron, and you have the ideal decepticon soldier. Soundwave is always stoic, and rarely speaks in sentences of more than two words at a time. He prefers to listen rather than exposit, and his habit of recording *everything* his fellow decepticons say in his presence has made him extremely unpopular. Not that this matters to Soundwave. The only person who's approval he aims to win is Megatron, and he is succeeding with every passing day.

While not technically qualified as a triple-changer, Soundwave is possessed of more than one alternate mode. His vehicle mode is an armored troupe transport and surveillance vehicle. This mode is quite slow, and cannot handle rough terrain for fear of damaging the vital equipment stored inside. Additionally, he can transform into a sonic weapon, vaguely resembling a giant boombox. This device can be used to manipulate other machinery through use of radio waves, as well as damage the audio receptors and delicate internal servos of other transformers.

Perhaps Soundwave's best known assets are his mini-con deployers, a group of specialized spies, assassins, and soldiers who share a standard data storage device alt mode (the specific nature of this altmode is subject to change as various types of recording devices go in and out of fashion) and store inside of Soundwave's chest cavity. While Soundwave commands a large number of these deployers, he can only store a maximum of three inside of himself at a time. His three favorites are Laserbeak (a robotic bird with a camera and microphone in his head), Ravage (a cyber-cat with razor sharp claws and fangs), and Rumble (a humanoid robot with pile drivers in his arms).

Soundwave shares the same boosters in his legs as Megatron, which allow him to hover or fly for short distances in robot mode. However, he is not particularly fast and can only fly in straight lines. This also tends to wear down his power reserves.

Soundwave is the decepticons' greatest information gathering resource. Able to tune his internal receptors to pick up radio, tachyon, coded light, and even *thoughts* of other mechanical beings, there is no form of information which is beyond the spymaster's reach.

Though it is not commonly known, it was Soundwave's idea to institute the Decepticon Justice Devision, and all members are handpicked by him for their loyalty, power, and creative sadism in dealing with deserters and traitors. Chances are he would be even less popular among his comrades if they knew this.

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